Short-term Roadmap

While we have an elaborate roadmap, I'm putting together my immediate plans to help photographers like you.

Following is the roadmap for the next 12 months (provided I can continue bootstrapping). I took a sales funnel approach to build tools (called apps in the platform) that can be useful to photographers like you.

Short-term Roadmap

We already have the dark and light green marked ones in a basic form (I will provide integration with payment and others eventually). The rest are potential tool options to help you successfully run your photography gig or business (perhaps you are a full-time photographer).

Following are my plans (after discussing with a few local photographers, but I am open to futher suggestions) to build these tools:

  1. PhotoPraise (Testimonials)
    PhotoPraise facilitates the collection of client testimonials to augment a photographer's professional credibility.
  2. PhotoScribe (Blog)
    PhotoScribe aims to provide a rich, collaborative platform for photographers to publish blogs and engage with their audience.
    Not Started
  3. SnapReviewz (Ratings)
    This app aims to allow photographers to collect, moderate, and publish customer ratings easily while providing customers with configurable rating options.
    Not Started
  4. PhotoHandbook (Idea Gallery)
    This app helps photographers capture important notes about a location, photography ideas, or even notes about important things.
    Not Started
  5. ShutterSync (Events)
    This app aims to provide features for photographers to schedule events and workshops.
    Not Started
  6. FocusQueue (Tasks)
    This app aims to integrate with other apps (or standalone) and help photographers create, assign and manage activities.
    Not Started
  7. PixReview (Photo Session Sharing)
    An app for post-photography image sharing with the clients and workflow to narrow down to the ones the clients love so you can focus on editing only those.
    Not Started
  8. PhotoBazaar (Store)
    An online store to publish products (merchandise, etc.) and services (PRO version) to the clients and integrate with other apps such as Booking to offer a complete workflow.
    Not Started
  9. LensGallery (Digital Photo Album)
    A digital photo album with curated images from the photography session for the photographer's clients to showcase to their friends and family.
    Not Started

Let me know what you think by contacting me at

- Rhonald John Rose